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This collaboration, called Sakura Memories, involves MMORPG's AC Scratch and FUN Scratch tickets, clothing, CAST parts, weapon camouflage, and expressions.

The event started on September 16 and lasted for half a month. The sequence of Sega's cooperation in Japan is different. Western countries are far behind it in terms of technology. The event is scheduled to start in April 2020.

The latest "Sakura Wars" was released on PS4 by Sega, and it will be launched in collaboration with Phantasy Star Online 2. Sakura Memories contains a lot of content, and a lot of content will be involved.

For this game, it is launched as a new game. For its customer base, we are not worried, because Phantasy Star Online 2 is a role-playing game, its scale and background story are so desirable, and it has the Cheap PSO2 Meseta potential to attract players.

For the western region, both Xbox One and PC can use Phantasy Star Online 2. The Western version is currently gaining momentum, with more than 1 million gamers. Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis released by Sega can run simultaneously with Phantasy Star Online 2. Players can exchange accounts on these PSO2 Meseta for Sale two games. The original game will also be visually upgraded. Try to be consistent with New Genesis.

Phantasy Star…

You will encounter many different kinds of loots in Phantasy Star Online 2, so you will also collect many loots in the game. Most of the equipment you get will be immediately recognized and then fitted to Buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta the character.

We have to evaluate the value of the loot that is marked as special. Here is a guide, it will tell us how the game works in this process, and the most important point is what we need to do.

For now, evaluating Phantasy Star Online 2 is a relatively simple process. As long as you know how it works, you will adapt to its style, and you will accept it well. The place where you go to evaluate your equipment is the evaluation store. You can find it in the shopping area with the elevator at the ARKS boarding gate. What you are looking for is a Chiara who is responsible for the weapon trader beside the orange weapon booth.

Evaluation and enhanced evaluation are things you can choose. In most cases, you will choose evaluation. Because the cost of enhanced evaluation is high, and its effect is only for the highest-level projects, because this will maximize the benefits.

You can choose the elements and expansions to add to the equipment. You will get better enhanced functions after the game is launched. You need to spend…

This week SEGA announced that at the 2020 Tokyo Game Show, they will release the information of Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis online. In July, the company announced the new expansion of the game, which is part of the many publicity that E3 2020 is replaced by the game company. During this period, we did not get the small details they provided us from their website. SEGA plans to broadcast live on September 25, they want to show a lot of content. Hope to wait for a release window before 2021. You can watch the live broadcast here at 5 AM.

It has been more than 20 years since the establishment of Phantasy Star Online. We must demand ourselves with higher goals, reshape the story, and improve the game system, graphics engine and character creation system. PSO2 will be launched as an open online RPG, and the combat system and game system are all new configurations that match it. PSO2: After NGS is released, the original PSO2 can still be used. Players can freely switch between PSO2 and NGS. But the problem is, due to the differences in game systems, we have to figure out what PSO2: NGS is.

The PSO2 Meseta for Sale enhanced character model is an add-on to the new graphics engine. The current role creation system will provide functions, and you can also have many clear options. You can…

The 17th anniversary of Eve Online is approaching, and the developer CCP Games has begun to calculate the life of the game. Developer CCP Games feels that some situations are obvious. People can make friends in massively multiplayer online space exploration games, not only that, they can also acquire skills and knowledge. Eve Online's method of increasing popularity through losses is a surprising thing. This is different from most games.

Loss is the most annoying thing for mankind. A software crash will cost you a whole day of coding and data. What will happen to you? After you lose the work you have done, you will definitely feel particularly angry, leaving you at a loss for a while. Designers sometimes argue with players about this issue. Puzzle & Dragons is a free mobile game where players can get various loot in the dungeon. But in the end the boss in the dungeon won, so if the player does not want to lose everything, he must defeat the enemy.

Eve Online would be a devastating loss. Here you have to pay labor if you want to get something. For players, digital sweat is really valuable. This is why the EVE Echoes ISK relationship between Eve Online fans is strong. Your contribution has a great influence on the group. Human beings are social animals, so they will support their social circle more.


EVE Online is a PC-side game, and its derivative product EVE Echoes will also be launched on mobile devices. This is great news for players who want to build a universe empire on the go.

EVE Echoes will be officially launched in August, and the NetEase experience in EVE Online can be experienced by players on mobile phones. EVE Echoes will show up in front of players as a brand new faction. CCP Games and the developer NetEase Games made this great decision together.

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, as the CEO of CCP Games, said in the live event that they have been cooperating with NetEase Games for three years, and they have also experienced many doubts, setbacks and tests together.

As a senior producer of NetEase games, Wei Su said that starting from December, EVE Echoes will have a public beta period that lasts for several months. Players can express their opinions as much as possible, which is very useful for the improvement and update of the game. Great help. For them, the EVE Echoes ISK For Sale real needs of the players are the most important thing. Because the team underestimated the number of players that would join in the early days, the server continued to crash for two days on the day of the public test.

Wei said that they passed a lot of tests and updates to…

EVE Online is an extremely complex and dense MMO, which is still very difficult for most people. I never thought that derivative products of this game would appear on mobile devices. I think its user interface is unclear, so I once spent an hour dealing with this. The complexity of EVE Online means that it is a big game. It has some of the coolest story settings on the PC side. I don't know what it will become after compressing to a mobile phone. But in any case, this is beyond my imagination.

This is what EVE Echoes did. The game co-developed by NetEase exists independently of the PC, and does not share account and progress with the PC. EVE Echoes was officially released in August. It has a smaller and simpler version than "EVE Online". The biggest feature is easy to carry. I don't have enough time to invest in the huge ecosystem of EVE Online. Player-led wars, political scandals and skull looting in the game are all very desirable, but we can have the same experience when playing EVE Echoes. I think this EVE Echoes ISK For Sale is a wonderful experience.

Ten years ago, I just started getting in touch with EVE Online, and EVE Echoes gave me a feeling of repeating. EVE lacks some different functions and activities, but this does not hinder its normal development. You can create…

The EVE field will be expanded again with the launch of EVE Echoes. As a new sci-fi sandbox MMO, the mobile game can be set in the parallel world of New Eden. On Monday, August 26, EVE Echoes Closed Alpha will be online for four consecutive weeks until Friday, September 20.

This game is based on the classic EVE online principles and is regarded as the next generation mobile MMO. You can form alliances with pilots from different galaxies in this huge enduring universe. This game is jointly developed and launched by CCP Game Company and NetEase.

In this game, you can freely engage in interstellar battles, you can also engage in resource collection, industrial manufacturing, trade, exploration, and you can even freely participate in some other activities of the entire system. You can live Buy EVE Echoes ISK your own way in this system. There are tens of thousands of planets and unpredictable belts, and there are more than one hundred ships.

Hilmar V. Pétursson, as the CEO of CCP Games, said that EVE Echoes leads a future trend of mobile MMO games. The large-scale and complex virtual world that originally existed on the PC side can be displayed in the palms of people, which is a miracle. Thing. He said that the cooperation with NetEase made him feel very happy, and together they can bring players a magical gaming experience.

The mobile MMORPG EVE Echoes was jointly developed by CCP Games and the NetEase game team and has been successfully listed. Players can download it for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.

The design principles of the original EVE Online are known to all experienced players. Then EVE Echoes is a mobile game derived from this design concept. Players can enjoy life freely in New Eden. Players can choose their own routes and participate in interstellar battles independently. In addition, players can also participate in resource collection, industrial production, economic trade, and even research some activities. There are more than 8,000 solar systems contained in EVE Echoes. You can choose the role you want to become according to your preferences. You can form your own company here, and build your own space, which will become your home. So you have to decide which way to choose.

For EVE Echoes, the developers also added a Yan-Jung faction that is a direct descendant of ancient civilization. They love peace, respect each other, rely on the development of history, and live for the realization of "becoming one with heaven."

In this EVE Echoes ISK For Sale game, we can see the fusion of NetEase Games’ NeoX graphics engine and CCP game design, and the nebulae, star fields, planets and asteroid belts created from this are commendable. This is an unprecedented phenomenon in…

The developers of EVE Echoes talked with the players about the fight against the intruder, and they talked about it. They also discussed the solution of technical problems and some future plans. The developers of EVE Echoes thank the players for their support and encouragement for this game. The developers were busy updating at the very beginning and had no time to communicate with the players. Now they are beginning to focus on resolving player requests and complaints, trying to do their best.

After EVE Echoes goes online, the most important task for developers is to implement anti-cheating measures. According to data from Exile, Echoes' economic system is the same as EVE Online, so it is easy to be attacked by plugins, scripts and RMT. Over 150,000 accounts have been banned from using exploits and scripts. The economy in the game is also affected by the behavior of violators, so the developers are actively dealing with it.

EVE Echoes is a game with technical content, which is quite complicated in comparison. After the game was released, they encountered a lot of challenges they did not meet. Therefore, the team was actively solving this problem in the first month.

The biggest challenge is to eliminate congestion in many systems. In order to improve the efficiency of Stargate technology, developers have allocated more server resources. They decided to increase restrictions on pilots in the future.

In addition, there will be a problem that the client and server are out of sync,…

Netease and CCP created a new world of science fiction MMORPG stories in the EVE universe on August 13th. After EVE Echoes caused a boom in various mobile phone markets at the beginning of this month, as a Chinese gaming giant and the Icelandic, we started a journey of adventure. EVE Echoes is a brand-new attitude to experience the new world, not simply clone the big screen experience, these have brought us a deep impression, now we have come to the stage of overall inspection, we need to accumulate experience .

At the beginning, there is almost no possibility for us to learn the ropes in EVE Echoes, but as long as we successfully pass the initial course of EVE Echoes, and understand that sandbox games require us to have a lot of courage, we will slowly adapt to space- The rhythm of the second shooting based on glory. In fact, the novice experience has an overwhelming influence on the greenest of capsules. Nevertheless, when you enter the next level, it is also EVE that can bring you flexibility and openness.

The main task of EVE Echoes' intermediate learning is to learn Encounters, which will be an excellent experience. Players will encounter similar tasks in other games before space training. This is the entry stage before space flight. The difficulty and design of each area that the player enters is also different.

EVE Echoes is very comprehensive in order to allow players to enter a new career path. Players can…

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