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When "Path of Exile: Delirium" was launched, the number of players hit a record-so far, in the first hour, the number of players at the same time reached a peak of 237,160. Although GGG is extremely satisfied with the wonderful voting released, there are still some different issues. If you need to learn more about the latest news on the Path of Exile, Buy POE Currency, you can follow us

When "Path of Exile: Delirium" was launched, the number of players hit a record-so far, in the first hour, the number of players at the same time reached a peak of 237,160. Although GGG's release volume is amazing, we still have to discuss some server issues.

The Path of Exile is expected to roll out on a large scale and order more servers than usual for GGG. However, this does not seem to be enough, especially when a continuous DDOS attack has made some of these computers disappear from the Internet. Once we can use them, more servers will be added to restore capacity. Poe sets up a login queue so that the gaming experience of the logged-in user is less affected. At the same time, the Path of Exile's regular game programming team has been processing error reports and solving problems encountered by players through client/instance crash dumps. They are currently bundling the first patches into a 3.10.0b patch for quick restart deployment.…

Players have access to many unique items in the Path of Exile, but many of them are not as good as you think. ARPG stands out from interesting loot for players to chase. Games like Diablo 3 focus on fixed items, while other games like Cruel Dawn focus more on crafting and item modifiers. The Path of Exile firmly landed in Grim Dawn's handicraft camp is important to success, but it does not mean that unique items are useless. Some unique items can enable the entire game style or build, from armored pieces to weapons, you can use these three amazing items in the Path of Exile. If you need these special items, you can Buy Exalted Orb at

One: weaving

Whether acquired or executed, Loreweave is the most typical unique work in The Way to the Path of Exile. The player could not find this item, but made it. You need to sell 60 unique rings to own this item. The reward for collecting so many rings is the breastplate, which can increase your maximum elemental resistance cap to 78%, can provide a chance of a critical strike, can increase damage to elements, and even physical damage to attacks.

Two: Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa is a project without statistics. It has no implicit stat, prefix or suffix. Having said that, Tabula Rasa is probably one of the best levels and early Mapping…

"The drop of these new jewels from any monster in the Deli League is one of the most significant improvements to customization since the introduction of the Dominance category."

From the Path of Exile Delirium's announcement, it introduced a new type of jewelry, Cluster Jewels, and 280 new celebrities that were placed on the passive skill tree to expand the path and build power roles. When I first browsed, it became clear that clustered gems had a powerful influence on the development of the entire Delirium league. Maybe you need a huge amount of POE Orbs to meet your needs, so it is recommended that you Buy POE Currency in, this will make your game more fun and interesting.

Cluster stones are available in three sizes, small, medium and large, each with a different emphasis. They can all be placed in the outermost passive skill tree slot, and each gem can be placed in a slot made of a large size gem, that is, a medium-sized gem can be placed in a slot made of a large gem Although small pieces of jewelry can be placed in slots created by larger or medium-sized pieces of jewelry, there are no slots other than the outermost slot for large clusters of jewelry.

For large and medium clustered gemstones, the least passive skills should be chosen, because the jewelry itself and celebrities should also take…

Like most sports, the college basketball season has been closed due to COVID-19 and the upcoming NBA draft is about to take place. In this uncertainty, it is difficult to know when the next batch of NBA rookies will enter the league.

Sports games have provided solutions for many fans, and gamers can experience this aspect of the basketball world in one way. Da Infamous NY, the main contributor to the NBA 2K charter custom community, has released the third, and possibly final, version of his custom 2020 NBA draft. This version does not require players to Buy NBA 2K20 MT to unlock player cards, which is a very interesting and affordable option.

You can start MyLeague or MyGM, then select the team you want to control, and you will see a menu asking you how to handle the electives. You can generate one automatically, you can create one yourself, or you can download one from the 2K sharing option. You need to download one from the sharing options. Select "User-created draft lessons."

From there, you can hit the triangle to search for a specific roster file. It allows you to search by online ID and enter the option of NY-. Once the options are populated, select "2020 Draft (Best Face)".

You will be prompted next whether to choose a storyline. It doesn't matter what you choose for this option.…

The Delirium League, where the Path of Exile has arrived, looks incredible. This is the most important thing to know before expanding.

The Path of Exile has announced a new league, most recently called Delirium. In the "Delirium" league, players will find nightmares and if you can surpass their challenging modifiers, you will be rewarded with amazing loot. Buy Path of Exile Currency to strengthen your character will help you get more rewards in the new version.

Like most Path of Exile, leagues can introduce sophisticated mechanisms and systems for players to experiment in the next three months. In the case of this alliance, huge passive trees and project choices are expanded here, which adds depth and complexity to the game. To prepare for this huge alliance, you need to know 10 things about the upcoming Delirium Alliance on the Path of Exile.

Although new alliances usually focus on making their mechanism as attractive as possible, developers on the Path of Exile have recently integrated past alliance mechanisms into newer ones, and Delerium is no exception.

Delirium's sphere can do this through a map, but the actual Delirium mechanic itself has the opportunity to interweave old mechanics such as Breach's hands into your encounter. Legion troops from the "Legion" alliance may be affected by the fog, which makes them a terrible reformer in exchange for more loot than normal people. It may also…

The multitude of skill choices on the Path of Exile can be unbearable, but today we will simplify things and narrow down the ten of the best.

With the recently released New League of the Path of Exile, many new players are entering the game for the first time. They immediately encountered a variety of skills, passive skills, and gear terminology that made the game stand out from similar games like Diablo or Dawn.

The best way to learn the Path of Exile is to break it down into smaller pieces and learn it again and again. Skills are one of the easiest skills to learn, and the sockets in the armor require matching colors to fit. Although there are more than 100 skill gems in the game, some are higher than others. Here are the 3 best skills you should use on your way to the Path of Exile. For newbies, Buy POE Currency will Is also a very effective way to improve.

1 Flame Dash

Due to potential damage, not every skill on the Path of Exile is used. Practical skills are also very important, but nothing beats the practicality of excellent motor skills.

How many areas on the Path of Exile contain terrain that is usually impassable, you must have the ability to move through these gaps. Meet Flame Dash, this ability can teleport you to a short distance,…

The latest update to Grinding Gear's famous RPG Path of Exile adds a lot of new content. In the Delirium Challenge Alliance, players will encounter flashing illusions around the world, and when approaching these illusions, a flowing mist will be released. The mist is moving outwards, and if you can keep up with it, you will face terrible new enemies, which will provide generous rewards when defeated. The more difficult the challenge is, the more rewarding the player will be. If you want to challenge more difficulty, it is necessary to Buy POE Currency to arm your character.

My job at Grinding Gear is usually to take a set of game mechanics and rewards and find a story or theme that can unify them. Delirium has always been one of the most interesting projects because this theme-indestructible, crazy madness-opens up many possibilities.

As a visual representation of the Delirium effect, the flowing mist looks simply fantastic. It makes the world seem to change and obscures the ground so that you are not sure whether you have seen the huge and dazzling eyes emerging from the dust.

In addition to the new monsters that emerged while traveling in the fog, the behavior of the monsters already there may also be ... different. "Different" means that they might tear in half, then a terrible entity appears and attack you, then retreat to the body of the…

"The Path of Exile," the final game of "World Atlas" has undergone major changes through "Update Atlas" conquerors. Based on player feedback, there will be further changes in patch 3.10.0 and Delirium League. We have summarized them for you.

Since the release of Atlas Conqueror in December 2019, players on the Path of Exile have been able to experience a completely subversive endgame in the World Atlas. It's no longer a question of fighting the elderly and shapers, it's putting the conquerors of Atlas in their place. Since this revision, developers have collected feedback and made corresponding changes to the Deli Alliance in patch 3.1.0. We will find a lot of new content, new skills, new Exalted Orb in the new version, everything is worth looking forward to.

Frequent criticism of the new atlas is that the conquerors appear to be arbitrary. Because after the first awakening against the world, when Baran, Veritania & Co's influence was active again in the area, it was very random.

In patch 3.10.0, you must regenerate influence in the area after your first battle with the awakener. This should happen "accidentally but most likely" when accessing a map of the area. If it does, a new icon and a bar appear in the Atlas overview on the left. After the fifth map, you can talk to Kiran and Zana in your hideout and they will send you out through…

As the developers of Grinding Gear Games acknowledge, coronaviruses may delay the development of the action role-playing game Path of Exile 2. First of all, this situation will affect the beta release. However, the news that players are happy is that the original expansion of the Path of Exile has not been affected, and it is currently in the normal release plan. For better performance in the new expansion, players are recommended to Buy POE Currency in our store, we provide you.

In recent weeks, outbreaks of coronavirus have affected the gaming world in different ways. Among other things, various studios have canceled their participation in events such as the 2020 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco or PAX East in Boston. As acknowledged by Grinding Gear Games' "Path of Exile" maker, the studio in Auckland, New Zealand has also been affected by the coronavirus, as Grinding Gear Games works closely with Chinese partners.

The outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus could have a significant impact on the work of Path of Exile 2 and the corresponding timetable. To compensate for delays caused by Chinese partners, more resources must be released to develop the "Path of Exile" add-on "Delirium". Of course, the lack of such content in the work of “Path of Exile 2” may in particular delay the release of the successor Beta planned to be launched at the end of 2020.


People always think. When you are upset about real life and start to break the worldview, as you continue to explore the meaning of people until you break that mirror, you finally find that "Everyone here knows everything about you, everyone is pretending to be ... "

New Misty Dungeon, Deli Orb, Clustered Gems, Dominance Tree Expansion, Atlas Updates Again, Four New Skill Gems and Three New Auxiliary Gems and Powerful New Poe Currency Items are waiting for your discovery. Face the fear on March 13! It's time to POE Currency Buy and get ready to meet new challenges.

Delirium plot

During the deli season, you will encounter a "magic mist". The misty erosion will not only bring many new boss battles, but the existing enemies will also gain fierce power. These terrible monsters lurk in rare and legendary monster groups.

Delirium Mirror

Dig deep into Delirium's mirror, find SIMULACRUM SPLINTER, and combine them to generate Simulacrum. It will open a portal and survive the final encounter with Delirium.

Delirium Orbs

Use Deli on the atlas map to control the power of control. Under the influence of Orb, you can make the entire map instantly become a country of Delirium for the duration. This also results in players getting a quick boost by Buy Path of Exile…

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