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Netease and CCP created a new world of science fiction MMORPG stories in the EVE universe on August 13th. After EVE Echoes caused a boom in various mobile phone markets at the beginning of this month, as a Chinese gaming giant and the Icelandic, we started a journey of adventure. EVE Echoes is a brand-new attitude to experience the new world, not simply clone the big screen experience, these have brought us a deep impression, now we have come to the stage of overall inspection, we need to accumulate experience .

At the beginning, there is almost no possibility for us to learn the ropes in EVE Echoes, but as long as we successfully pass the initial course of EVE Echoes, and understand that sandbox games require us to have a lot of courage, we will slowly adapt to space- The rhythm of the second shooting based on glory. In fact, the novice experience has an overwhelming influence on the greenest of capsules. Nevertheless, when you enter the next level, it is also EVE that can bring you flexibility and openness.

The main task of EVE Echoes' intermediate learning is to learn Encounters, which will be an excellent experience. Players will encounter similar tasks in other games before space training. This is the entry stage before space flight. The difficulty and design of each area that the player enters is also different.

EVE Echoes is very comprehensive in order to allow players to enter a new career path. Players can have their own character traits according to their choices, and have the opportunity to embark on various paths they like. This character system is also trained in the background like other systems in the game.

Whether you choose military, industrial or some kind of mixed talent gathering, these can be whatever you want, and these choices will also have an impact on your test drive. EVE Echoes combines these skills with a more advanced tutorial system to provide them with at least the minimum level of ships and tools in order to adapt to the EVE Echoes ISK For Sale players' abilities.As a large-scale multiplayer game in the universe, EVE Online is popular with players as soon as it goes online. As the mobile version of this game, EVE Echoes also makes players look forward to it. If you need EVE Echoes ISK in the game, you can buy it on MMOWTS. You can buy EVE Echoes ISK on anytime, anywhere.

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