In order to further improve player satisfaction with the game, the melee system in POE will be overhauled
27, Çal, Türkiye

Generally speaking, the network traffic related to a topic can reflect many problems, and its growth and decline reflect the degree of people's attention to the topic. Prior to this, a POE class selection guide I wrote attracted many readers, which can be inferred that many new players have recently joined the game, because they lack enough understanding of the content of the game, so they need to be online Search for useful guides.

Therefore, for Grinding Gear Games, a game developer from New Zealand, the release of Path of Exile on consoles is bound to be a success. Since its launch on the PC platform in 2013, POE has quickly attracted a large number of users, becoming one of the most successful ARPGs in history. In the following years, many players in the gaming community reported that they wanted to play Path of Exile on Xbox One and PS4. Although their POE Currency dreams were not realized immediately, they made the game gain enough attention. This is why the traffic surged when POE officially released the Xbox One version and PS4 version, because players have been looking forward to this day. Of course, developers do not simply copy the content of the PC client to the host. They have improved various functions and systems in the game so that they can adapt to the gamepad. In addition, players have obtained a more balanced spell system. And melee system.

Changes to the spell system were largely confined to tinkering with the mathematics to permit for more varied approaches to magic-based combat. Melee will get the identical treatment, but Grinding Gear has rather more in mind.

For starters, there's concern that melee can feel slow and loose within the early stages of the sport when high-speed attack buffs aren't yet available. Grinding Gear is functioning on modifying attack animations to relinquish lower-level melee a tighter more impactful feel. How melee “feels” could be a vague concept that's hard to quantify, but it's a major factor contributing to player enjoyment in games like Path of Exile. The link between animation and “feel” is interesting.

The melee update doesn't end with math and animation changes. Grinding Gear reports that it's also experimenting with changes to “accuracy, melee splash, leech, fortify, various Ascendancy classes, the passive tree, hit/miss feedback, melee base types, movement skills and melee damage availability on items.”This sounds more sort of a complete overhaul and a rebalance.

Ordinary players usually hate those game functions and systems that have become accustomed to be changed, because they will find that the commonly used offensive methods cannot achieve the expected results, and in the absence of guidelines, it is difficult for them to adapt to the new version of the game and find more Good builds. This is one of the main issues that developers need to consider when adding new content. They need to ensure that the newly added endgame contents can have a good synergy with the existing content in the game. For those who are keen to study the game, finding new ways to further improve the efficiency of cleaning up monsters is a rewarding process, and they enjoy it. In the next update of the POE that will arrive in June, we will understand the satisfaction of players with the game. In fact, as one of the professional third-party game service providers, MMOAH has been concerned about Path of Exile related news. Not only can you see various news but also guides related to POE on the official website of MMOAH, you can also Buy POE Items there. Their POE Orbs are safe and cheap. POE's new challenge league will come in June, you can follow MMOAH.


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