POE Guide: The more passive skill nodes you unlock, the better your POE build will be
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Whenever we mention Path of Exile, we first think of its complexity and customization. In fact, it is these characteristics that distinguish the game from the Diablo series that players are familiar with and become one of the most popular ARPGs in the world. The game is so successful thanks to the passive skill tree and skill gem system introduced by developers and designers.

Any beginner who has recently joined POE will be shocked when he sees a complex and huge skill tree. Although the system accurately explains the functions of these passive skills, the question is how to choose the most useful passive skills among the most useful ones. Players will get passive skill points for each upgrade in the game, and they can use these points to unlock nodes in the passive skill tree. Most of these nodes are secondary nodes, and their main role is to further enhance your offensive or defensive abilities. Another small part is the main nodes, and they can enable you to acquire powerful passive POE Currency skills and change your game experience in different ways. It is worth noting that you must first unlock all necessary secondary nodes to obtain the corresponding passive skills.

As exciting as the passive skill tree is the skill gem system. Your character itself does not have any spells or combat skills. This is one of the biggest differences between POE and the Diablo series. You must purchase or kill monsters directly from merchants to obtain gems with different skills.

These gems is slotted into pieces of apparatus and provides your character spells and skills to use in combat (unlike Diablo 3, they do not have any given abilities). Items will often have multiple gem slots, and sometimes they're linked together. If I put a capability like Orb of Storms into a slot so link it with Curse on Hit, Flammability and Vulnerability, when my Orb of Storms hits an enemy it'll also apply both of these curses to them. It's essentially a highly robust spell-crafting system.

But it's when skill gems and therefore the passive tree overlap that things get really exciting. My Necromancer relies solely on Scorching Ray to deal damage. Naturally, I've unlocked lots of nodes that increase fire damage, but some major nodes have these clever synergies that are really fun to unlock. Take Elemental Equilibrium for instance, which makes enemies I hit with elemental damage temporarily receive 25 percent resistance to those elements and -50 percent resistance to other elements.

How could that be useful to me? Well, when an enemy is hit by Orb of Storms, they become more proof against lightning damage but weaker to the fireside. And since Scorching Ray could be a damage over time ability, it doesn't actually "hit" an enemy, so I never risk making them more proof against fire accidentally. That's only one of a dozen small synergies my character has. I've never been much of a theory crafter, but seeing my build slowly close as I unlock more major nodes has been a rewarding experience.

Compared to the intense battles in Diablo III, Path of Exile's core battles are slower, and it's almost impossible for players to cause damage to the environment. But compared to rough animations and actions, players are the best reward for slowly shaping characters through research and learning. In order to customize your own unique character, you need to fully understand how each skill gem you carry works and link the appropriate support gem to it. Not only that, you also need to spend a lot of time killing enough monsters to find the weapons or armor in the loot that meets your needs. After this series of efforts, the character will be full of commemorative meaning, because every time you pay for it, you will get the due rewards, and you will eventually get a magic master or melee madman who can face the powerful bosses face to face. Fortunately, MMOAH's professional services can save you a lot of time in collecting equipment. Because they have a professional team to provide you with a variety of rare POE Currency Buy and POE Items, cheap and fast delivery. You only need to spend a small amount of money to get any POE Items you want. If you need this service, please visit MMOAH's official website and consult customer service.


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