Leeroy Jenkins player himself starred in the WoW 15th Anniversary Ads
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If you started playing online games in 2005 or even earlier, you must have heard the most famous joke in the history of World of Warcraft or even the history of PC games, that is the story of Leeroy Jenkins and his teammates in Upper Black Rock Spire's collective death. In 2005, this video received amazing views. Some books and TV shows have cited this classic meme, and even Blizzard has designed a related task in the game to commemorate this interesting story. Leeroy Jenkins can be called the first viral video in game history, because it spreads like a virus like crazy. If you have only recently come into contact with World of Warcraft and was very curious about the origin of this iconic meme, you can continue to read this article for more information. By the way, this video has been born for 15 years, but it still makes many old World of Warcraft players relish.

If you haven't seen the first video, it's still available on Warcraftmovies official site where it absolutely was first uploaded on May 11, 2005, and it's still even as funny because it was 15 years ago. Leeroy Jenkins is that the name of an individual's WOW Classic Gold paladin who was apart of a raiding guild called Pals for Life. Within the video, Leeroy's teammates are debating how best to approach a difficult boss while Leeroy is AFK. When he returns, Leeroy doesn't expect his team—he jumps up and shouts "Let's do this!" and shouts his own name as a protracted battle cry as he charges into the fight alone. Startled by his sudden attack, Leeroy's guild scrambles to save lots of him and everybody dies. As his guild begins to chastise him, Leeroy responds "At least I have chicken."

Leeroy Jenkins was originally a humorous video recorded by these guild members for fun. They hope this video will attract more players to join their guild. But with the rapid spread of the video on the Internet, Leeroy Jenkins immediately became the most famous person in World of Warcraft, and many people believe that this really happened in the Upper Black Rock Spire. Every sentence that Leeroy Jenkins said in the video has become one of the classic memes, from "I'm coming up with 32.33, uh, repeating of course, percentage of survival" to Leeroy's dejected "It's not my fault"

Three years ago, Ben Schulz, the player who played Leeroy Jenkins, told the truth on social networking sites. In fact, the story described in the video is not true, all actions are intentional, and the purpose is to make the video more interesting and attractive. Nevertheless, players and Blizzard still regard Leeroy as one of the symbols of World of Warcraft. If you complete certain tasks in the game's Upper Black Rock Spire, you can earn the Leeroy Jenkins title, and Blizzard added a card called Leeroy Jenkins to its card game Hearthstone, which has the effect of calling two young dragons. Recently, the official website of World of Warcraft released an advertisement celebrating the 15th anniversary of the smooth operation of World of Warcraft, and Ben Schulz also appeared in the advertising video.

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