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According to news published on the official website of New Zealand developer Grinding Gear Games, the well-known ARPG - Path of Exile is about to introduce the next new extension, called Legion. Path of Exile was first released on the PC platform in 2013. Players can see that it was inspired by Blizzard's Diablo series, but Path of Exile has its own advantages compared to Diablo. First of all, there are no auction houses and other functions in the game, but the unique POE Currency system allows players to obtain all the resources they need through transactions. In addition, there are many different levels in the game and its complicated passive skill tree, and even hundreds of different skill gems, allowing players to achieve complete character customization. More importantly, Grinding Gear Games attaches great importance to after-sales service, players usually experience new developments and new challenge leagues every few months. Continue reading this article, you will Buy POE Currency and learn more about POE: Legion.

Kill as many enemies as possible in a limited time

The latest challenge league is called Legion, because the enemy the player will face is the legendary 5 ancient legions, they were once the most powerful military force on the Wraeclast continent.

If you want to fight them, you must first find randomly scattered Timeless Monoliths on the map. After successfully activating this device with a black boulder appearance, you will randomly encounter one of the 5 legions. It is worth noting that these monsters are frozen. You must unblock more monsters in a limited time to enter the real battle after the countdown. Some elite monsters will have conspicuous icons above their heads, indicating that you can get specific item rewards after defeating him, and fighting elite monsters can get you higher benefits.

Aside from the usual item drops, monsters from the Timeless Monoliths will also yield Splinters. By combining them, an emblem of the legion they belong to will be formed. Combiningtwo or more different legion emblems together will grant you entry to the Domain of Timeless Conflict . Once you finally unlock the upgraded Map Device, you can finally fight in the league's main event.

Melee system was overhauled

For players who are keen on melee combat, what excites them is not the new POE Currency and POE Items introduced in Legion, but the specifically improved melee combat system. Prior to this, players have repeatedly reported related issues in the POE official community. They believe that the original melee system in the game lacks flexibility and a sense of strike.

To this end, the development team spent a lot of time and effort to make some improvements to the game, some of which will even affect all classes in the game. Now, all classes can obtain their own displacement skills at low levels, allowing players to become more flexible. In addition, some meaningless attack animations have been canceled, allowing players to focus more on the POE Items damage caused by melee attacks. Player's melee attacks will now cause damage to multiple nearby enemies at the same time, which makes those who use melee combat classes as attractive as those who use AOE skills.

There is no doubt that the Legion expansion fully meets the needs of various players, even if it becomes one of the most popular expansions in the history of POE.

Path of Exile: Legion will be hitting the game on June 7 this year. Hopefully, by then you'd be ready, and everything will help you out in planning ahead. After all, it's tough being up against legions, so it's a must that you be prepared! Visit MMOAH official site and buy enough stock of POE Currency!


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