Some people think that the reason for World of Warcraft's social decline is accessibility
27, Çal, Türkiye

Mike Morhaime is the co-founder of Blizzard. In a recent interview, he talked about his views on the game industry and the future development of MMO. He also WOW Classic Gold briefly introduced what he did after leaving Blizzard. He had stepped down as the president of Blizzard in 2018 and left the company directly the following year.

MMOAH interviewed Mike Morhaime at the Digital Games Beat Summit. He is still concerned about the development of MMORPG, especially World of Warcraft. For the root cause of the declining number of World of Warcraft players, Morhaime expressed some of his views. As the most successful MMORPG in the world, World of Warcraft still has millions of subscribers, far exceeding other competitors in the same field. Every time World of Warcraft releases a new expansion, the game can always sell millions of copies in a short time. But one thing I have to admit is that World of Warcraft has indeed gone farther and farther in its heyday.

More players are in the process of losing, most of them are attracted by the emerging MOBA type games, joined the League of Legends and Dota, while others put all their time and energy into live service games, including the likes of Fortnite and PUBG. It is worth noting that these games are free of charge, and players do not need to spend money to buy the game. In order to make a profit, micro-transaction systems have been added to these games, and players can change the appearance of their characters by buying different styles of skin. Since World of Warcraft has been using a subscription-based charging model since its release, players only need to pay a monthly subscription fee to enjoy all the content of the game. Do you need more and better armor and weapons to destroy the enemy? MMOWTS can provide you with professional WOW Classic Gold services. You can buy the cheapest WOW Classic Gold at MMOWTS, and then buy any equipment you need at the auction house.

For players, free games are always easier to accept, because they can play the game directly and then decide whether to pay for more services based on their own feelings. The subscription fee for World of Warcraft is an obstacle for new players, because it is difficult to convince a person to purchase a service that cannot be determined. Although Blizzard has always provided free trial versions for new players, this is still one of the main factors affecting the number of players.

Morhaime said that players do not hate MMORPG, but for some specific people, those real-time combat games are obviously more attractive, they provide players with a better social experience. The modification of some core systems in World of Warcraft in recent years has caused the game to become worse in this respect.

He's not the first to make the connection, though there are likely a lot of other factors, too. WoW seemingly peaked around the time of Wrath of the Lich King, which is still considered by a lot of fans to be the game's best expansion—myself included. That's when it had more than 12 million subscribers. It was pretty accessible, though, and the bulk of it was something that could be Classic WOW Gold experienced solo, but it still encouraged players to socialise and find groups. It wasn't until just before the arrival of Cataclysm that WoW introduced its dungeon finder, which removed the need to go out and find groups yourself. 


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