Tower defense becomes possible in Path of Exile: Blight
27, Çal, Türkiye

Between September and December of this year, POE loyal players will usher in a carnival that lasts for three months, because Path of Exile's Blight expansion is about to be released. The new expansion means challenging leagues, better quality of life and richer POE Currency loot than ever before, which is very good news for players who have to stay at home. Continue reading this article, you will understand how the upcoming Blight extension works.

According to the blog posted by the developer on the official website, the Blight Challenge League introduced into the game this time draws inspiration from the tower defense game. Players will be able to use a variety of different defense towers to build defensive measures and defeat those coming from all sides enemy. These enemies were not originally offensive, but because Blight's tendrils had the ability to control their thoughts, they became full of desire to attack and were stronger than usual. Only by completely eliminating all the tendrils of Blight can this disaster be eliminated.

Fortunately, whether you are a PC player or a PS4 and Xbox One player, you don't need to wait too long. The official release date of Blight Extension on the PC platform is September 6, and PS4 and Xbox players can get all the contents of the extension on September 9 and experience the three-month Blight Challenge League. What will happen when the expansion ends in December, we need to get some information on ExileCon on November 16th, maybe related to the POE sequel. Believe me, if you need a cheap and safe POE Currency, MMOAH will be your best choice.

Blight Challenge League

When your new character is born, you will meet a new NPC called Sister Cassia, who will tell you the origin of all stories. In this world, a species called Blight began to invade this world. It can grow like a fungus and use infinitely long tendrils to control all monsters nearby. If this phenomenon is not controlled, the entire Wraeclast continent will be destroyed. In order to solve this problem, Sister Cassia invented a device that can completely extract the nutrients in the tendril and prevent the growth of the tendril. But it takes time to lay out the device. Your task is to eliminate all monsters controlled by tendrils to protect Sister Cassia from mental control.

Tendrils are randomly distributed in each area. Once the player attacks the tendrils, a crazy battle will begin. Tendrils will control all monsters around to attack the player, and these monsters will be enhanced. In order to fight against these terrifying enemies, you must reasonably build defensive towers against each monster's weaknesses and deploy them into qualified defensive measures. For those monsters that move fast, you can build a deceleration tower to reduce their movement ability; if your attack can not cause effective damage to the enemy, you can use the poison tower to Buy POE Currency weaken their life, in addition there are many with different abilities Your defense tower awaits your exploration.

Every time you successfully defend Sister Cassia using a nutrient absorption device, you will get an opportunity to open chest, which contains a variety of unique items introduced in the new expansion, including POE Currency and POE Items, and even legendary items. In addition, you have the opportunity to obtain Blighted Maps, you can use them directly in the map options. Blighted Maps will take you to a higher-level Blight encounter, where you need to fight more powerful monsters and bosses. Of course, the rewards you get are even more generous.


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